Rules for Attendance
  • Every student is expected to be present at the morning assembly.
  • Half day leave will not be granted to students without an application signed by the parents. Once they come to the school they have to attend for the whole day. They are not allowed to go out of the school premises during working hours even during the recess time.
  • No leave of absence is granted without a written application signed by the parents and that too for authentic reasons. The school takes no responsibility if a student is obliged to return home during school hours for no-compliance of any of the rules. Mere sending an application for leave is not sufficient, leave has to be sanctioned.
  • Students should be regular in attendance, if a child is absent due to illness or any other reasons, written application should be sent to the Principal. A medical certificate should accompany the application for prolonged illness.
  • If a student continues to be absent for a month without prior permission of the Principal, his/her name will be stuck-of the school rolls.
  • A student should have a minimum of 80% attendance of the total number of working days, otherwise the student will not be allowed to appear in the final exam.